The Stichting Bob Wessels Insolvency Law Collection (BWILC) is a Dutch incorporated legal person, foundation (stichting). BWILC was founded in 2016 at the initiative of Prof. Em. Bob Wessels, who donated his academic collection to the foundation. The foundation aims to promote interest in and knowledge of comparative and international insolvency law. It does so in particular by maintaining and administering its collection and promoting worldwide access to this collection.

The founding board of BWILC consisted of five law professors: Prof. Matthias Haentjens (Chair, Leiden University), Prof. Reinout Vriesendorp (Secretary/Treasury, Leiden University), Prof. Eric Dirix (Belgium, he passed away in February 2023), prof. Ian F. Fletcher (UK, he passed away in July 2018) and Prof. Stephan Madaus (Germany). Prof. em. Bob Wessels is a patron to BWILC.


BWILC has several statutory objectives, including:

  • BWILC aims to promote the interest for and knowledge of comparative and international insolvency law.
  • BWILC also aims to maintain and manage the foundation’s collection and promote global access to its sources.


In view of its objectives, the Foundation has been able to acquire the private collection of books and other media in the field of national and international insolvency law of Prof. Em. Bob Wessels and it aims to secure, maintain and expand this collection for the future, provide access to it by national and international students and researchers and to organise related activities for a broad, general public. In recent years BWILC has also acquired the private collection of books from the late Prof. Ian F. Fletcher and the late Gabriel Moss QC.

For the purpose of maintaining and administering its book collection, BWILC has concluded an agreement regarding the custody and management of its unique collection with Leiden University in 2018. This also allows for the collection to be accessed.

Furthermore, BWILC aims to achieve its goals by organising an annual PhD workshop, where young academics are able to present and discuss their ongoing research.

BWILC may also undertake other activities related to supporting restructuring and insolvency related research and lectures, courses and taking initiatives in the field of promoting the book collection.


BWILC was founded as a foundation in 2016. It is led by a board of prominent insolvency scholars from across Europe. Click here for further information.


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BWILC Articles of Association

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