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Launch of New BWILC Website

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On Thursday 20 April 2023, at the end of the fifth edition of the annual PhD Workshop of the Foundation Bob Wessels Insolvency Law Collection (BWILC), a new website was launched for BWILC. The official launch was performed jointly by Prof. Matthias Haentjens (chair) and Prof. Em. Bob Wessels (patron to BWILC).

Promoting the knowledge of restructuring and insolvency law

BWILC was founded in 2016 at the initiative of Prof. Em. Bob Wessels. He donated to the Foundation its private collection of national and international books on restructuring and insolvency law, which has been the start of the Foundation and its activities. Over the years, has welcomed more donations, including from Prof. Ian F. Fletcher, as well as Gabriel Moss QC. The Foundation has also taken on different activities to promote and knowledge of insolvency law. This has led to an annually recurring workshop aimed at PhD researchers.

Within its objectives to promote interest in and knowledge of comparative and international insolvency law, BWILC is pursuing to reach out to a greater audience. Nowadays, that cannot take place without adequate online presence. It is against this background that Jiahui Plomp, adjunct secretary of BWILC, introduced the new website to the attendees at the Workshop.

Visit the BWILC collection online

Upon the launch of the website, a quick overview of the contents were shown by Plomp. She pointed at the information on the annual PhD Workshop, as well as the upcoming workshop and an overview of prize winners from earlier years.

Particular attention was given to the Foundation’s collection, which can now be searched online. There is also practical information for practitioners, academics and others to make a visit in person. Furthermore, with the assistance of Plomp, BWILC also launched a new ‘Wessels Digital Repository’. This project aimed to crat a digital repository that is publicly accessible of shorter academic pieces – like papers, articles etc. – from Prof. Em. Wessels. See further here.

In addition to background information on BWILC, there is also a dedicated news section where valuable insights are shared on the latest developments. This section offers regular updates on activities and serves as a resource for anyone seeking to stay informed on new donations and acquisitions to the collection.