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Wessels Digital Repository: A Valuable Resource for Researchers and Practitioners

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The launch of the new website of the Foundation Bob Wessels Insolvency Law Collection (BWILC), was at the same the launch of the Wessels Digital Repository. This comprehensive digital collection makes accessible hundreds of Prof. Em. Bob Wessels’ shorter publications of academic articles, conference papers and the like.

When BWILC was founded in 2016, it received its first and major donation with the private collection of books and papers of Prof. Em. Bob Wessels. From his over 1.600 publications, the books have been on display already for several years in the law library of the Leiden Law School (the Netherlands). For the remaining many papers it was not easy to put them on display, until it was decided to do so digitally.

Digitising the Collection

With the involvement of Jiahui Plomp, adjunct secretary of BWILC, a digitisation project has been started in which many hundreds of Wessels’ shorter academic publications were ultimately made available online. The resulting Wessels Digital Repository currently holds well over 700 works in total, making it the most extensive collection of Professor Wessels’ works available online. More publications will be added in the future.

The scanning process allowed for the preservation and easy access of Professor Wessels’ works, making it a valuable resource for anyone interested in insolvency law, from students and researchers to legal practitioners and academics.

Searching the Repository

The Repository offers visitors the option to browse Professor Wessels’ works by subject matter or publication type. This feature makes it easy to find relevant information. Additionally, the repository features a search function that allows users to explore specific topics or works by keyword, language, or publication date.

The Wessels Digital Repository can be accessed here.