Participants of the PhD Workshop will compete for prizes. The Board of the Foundation has decided to allocate the following prizes in recent years:

2023 Leiden

  • First Prize: Guillem Gabriel Pizarro
  • Second Prize: Eirini Tsikrika
  • Third Prize (shared): Fabian Kratzlmeier and Marinela Majnova
  • First Prize Poster Presentation: Matthew Chippin

2022 Leiden

  • First Prize (shared): Gert-Jan Boon and Theodora Kostoula
  • Second Prize: Gauthier Vandenbossche
  • Honorary Mention: Defne Tasman

2021 Virtual

  • First Prize: Niccolò Usai
  • Second Prize: Maryam Malakotipour
  • Third Prize: Sander Baeyens
  • Honorary Mention: Emily Defreyne

2020 Leiden

  • First Prize: Ioannis Bazinas
  • First Prize poster presentation: Axel Krohn

2019 Leiden

  • First Prize: Lydia Tsioli
  • First Prize poster presentation: Jessie Pool