Since 2019, BWILC has organized annually a PhD Workshop for PhD students from Europe and beyond. At this workshop they can present their ideas, but also the challenges and questions they are confronted with in a typically two-day workshop held at Leiden University in Leiden, Netherlands.

Goals of the PhD Workshop

The workshop aims at achieving two main goals. First, it provides PhD students in the area of European/International Insolvency Law, from all over Europe and the world, with a chance to connect with peers who are at the very same stage of their legal or academic career. They can meet, exchange experiences and create a network. Second, the workshop will allow each participant to present, test and discuss its (developing) ideas in front of fellow colleagues as well as experienced professors in order to strengthen its research findings and skills.

Setting of the PhD Workshop

Participation in the workshop is limited to invited PhD students. PhD students may apply to present their research proposal, present interim results or a (draft) chapter/article. Applications are typically welcomed as of autumn.

Click here for information about joining the annual PhD Workshop.